Visibility Icons

Idea created by Shawn Belton on Jul 30, 2019

    This is a feedback/conveyance issue in that the symbol of an eye with a hash through it usually indicates that something is hidden, and is very similar to the indicator in the previous system showing that the assignment was muted (a gray bell with a hash through it). It seems that there is an overload of the iconography and that conventions were not followed. It may not be an error in the way the system was designed to operate, but from an interactive systems standpoint, it is a problem. For assignments with manually posted grades and no grades that are currently hidden, a different icon than the transparent eye with a slash should be used to avoid confusion with other common hidden iconography.  

    One solution from Bracha Blanc: 

    • when assignment is ungraded and hidden, use the grayed out symbol of an eye with a hash through.
    • when grades are showing to students, the symbol should be an eye with no slash. Or no symbol at all. Or if the symbol is there, it should be green.


    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

    For details please refer to the Canvas Release Notes (2019-10-19)