Stop Catalog URL rewriting to avoid breaking Google Analytics

Idea created by Donald Hayward on Sep 30, 2019
    Open for Voting

    Currently, Canvas Catalog rewrites search URLs to remove any query extra parameters, including UTM parameters needed for tracking links. As a result, we are unable to determine how our leads are arriving at our site. Given that source attribution and acquisition analysis are fundamental aspects of digital marketing, this cripples our marketing efforts.


    We reported this as a bug to Canvas Support, but they responded saying it was by design and shared the code responsible for this behavior. However, the reason behind the URL rewriting is unknown since the engineers responsible for the design decision are no longer working on the product.

    Support was unable to provide any workarounds to mitigate this issue.

    Given that there is no known reason for this behavior, and that it breaks a fundamental part of marketing analytics for anyone who uses Canvas Catalog, it should be removed, or at least there should be an option to disable it. Please fix this problem so we can capture the marketing analytics we need to run our programs.

    For more information, please see Case #04644126.