Student Name Orientation in Quizzes Next

Idea created by William Raudabaugh on Oct 17, 2019
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    Hello.  I am working with a teacher and she has a request that currently is not possible.   When in a grade book, it is possible to change between First, Last Name to Last, First Name.   However, when using the Quizzes next feature, the names in the Outcomes Analysis default to First, Last Name and there is no way to change that.   It makes it difficult when the list of student names is not in order according to the last name first.    I have also heard from teachers that there are other areas within Canvas that have this problem as well.   If someone can look into this and make a change, that would be awesome!  


    Thank you! 


    Bill Raudabaugh

    Instructional Technology Coach

    Appleton West High School

    Appleton, WI