Studio: Hide Student Video Controls

Idea created by Michele Poteet on Oct 28, 2019
    Open for Voting

    I teach American Sign Language and my tests are digital. All my questions or answers are either a picture or video as ASL is a visual language. One section on my test is called fingerspelling. This is spelling a word using the letters of the ASL alphabet and students must identify the word and type it. However, as it stands, Canvas allows students to slow down the video using controls. Now, instead of recognizing words at native fluency, students are slowing it down to .5 where they are essentially given the answer. This is not testing their ability to recognize fingerspelled words and is not an accurate representation of their skill. I am sure there are other instances where having the option to hide the controls for the student is beneficial. I would really like to avoid having to give live tests as it increases the opportunity for students to cheat and also takes away the ability for students to process longer. Administering tests in Canvas allow students to test their skills at their own pace allowing differentiation and validity. Please consider this new feature, thank you!