Change Due Dates Across Multiple Classes

Idea created by Karlie Crossley on Nov 5, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Karlie Crossley

    I would love a feature where you could see all assignments and their due dates across all (selected) classes and have the ability to edit them in one place.




    Currently, in order to change a due date for an assignment, we have to go into that specific class and then to the assignment and change the due date. This is especially tedious once I have already copied the assignment from my Master Class and perhaps the class needs extra time to work on something, so I have to alter the due date. If I have multiple classes working on the same assignment, I have to go into each class individually and change each due date  for each assignment separately. It would be extremely effective if there was a way to see all current or selected classes with their assignments on one page where they could be edited at one time.