Make LTI Navigation Visibility Behave the Same as Canvas Navigation Items

Idea created by Christopher Phillips on Nov 7, 2019
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    • Steven Schwamenfeld
    • Marco Di Vittorio
    • Rob Ditto
    • Daniel Grobani
    • Sam Malcolm
    • Shea Silverman (UCF CDL)
    • Matthew Buckett
    • Parm Gill
    • Christopher Phillips


    Currently, Canvas provides a way for LTI tools to make course navigation items visible to students or not. However, there is no way to indicate to instructors whether or not those menu items are visible to students

    The Problem

    There is an indicator for out of the box Canvas menu items that indicates to instructors whether or not a specific menu item is visible to students or not, which further confounds the issue given that instructors may not know if a tool comes from Canvas or is an LTI tool. Currently the only way for an instructor to get an accurate picture of which tools show up is to go into student view. 

    Hidden menu items with and without a visibility indicator.

    Feature request: 

    Provide a way for LTI tools to utilize the same functionality that is available to standard Canvas menu items to indicate whether a course menu navigation item is visible to students (or not).

    Technically, this would mean adding the visibility icon when an LTI tool has the configuration:

    <lticm:property name="visibility">admins</lticm:property

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