Co-locate controls to hide/post existing grades and manual/automatic settings for existing grades

Idea created by Steven Schwamenfeld on Nov 24, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Steven Schwamenfeld
    • Rob Ditto

    The new gradebook has two functions controlling which grades are shown to students.

    1. hide/post grades that only impacts those grades already posted
    2. manual/automatic grade posting which controls new grades


    Currently it is very easy for teachers to mistakenly use the wrong tool to accomplish their goals.  For example: Instructors may select "hide grades" before grading intending that students would not see their grades until after they finish.  The only function visible in speedgrader is the hide/post function, and so it instinctively feels like the former mute grade function.  While instructors would then believe the ongoing grading was also hidden, the only grades actually hidden will be the zeros already entered for missing assignments! 


    My idea is to have one menu in the new gradebook, and one menu in the speed grader that indicates all the available options:

    • hide existing grades and any changes/updates to those existing grades
    • post existing grades now
    • hide future grades pending manual posting
    • post future grades automatically


    In the speed grader this would replace the the current 2 item hide/post drop down list with a 4 item list that allows one selection in the future and also one selection in the existing grade category.


    In the new gradebook this same list could appear as a secondary menu (like the sort by menu) from the grade posting policy settings for each assignment 


    These revised grade posting menus in the speedgrader and new gradebook should work as one, so that grades hidden from speedgrader can be posted in the gradebook and vise versa.  (Currently manually posting the hidden grades requires jumping back and forth between the gradebook and speedgrader, to rediscover which program was used to hide the grades)