Email Notifications need to indicate course names

Idea created by Laura Shulman on Feb 14, 2020
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    • Andrea Collins
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    • Maki Sumitani
    • Gannon Nordberg
    • Jim Shifflett

    I get daily digest of notifications from all my courses in a single email. It would be most helpful if each notification in the email would include which course the notification refers to. Discussion comments include the course names, but why not other kinds of notifications? Especially if I have the same assignments in multiple courses (several sections/course sites for the same course with same assignments) and I may not off hand recall which course a given student name is in, it would be most helpful to include the course name with every notification in the list.

    Maybe even send a separate email for each course?


    See attached PDF of email.

    These notifications represent three different course sites all mixed up. Apparently the order of the notifications begin with "late assignment" then list "submission comment" then "submission" that were done on time and ends with "new comment for" discussions. Within each of these groups, the order seems based on time stamp. 
    I have highlighted select notifications that do contain course id. This seems limited to "submission comment" and to the "New comment for" discussions along with content for those discussion posts.
    There is, however, no student name nor course id associated with the discussion comments (some of which are related to a "submission" notification, others are secondary replies in a threaded discussion).
    A more helpful approach to these notifications might be to group them by course id and then the further breakdown. Or to even send out a separate notification email for each course. But at least be consistent and include the course id with each notification.