Strengthen Canvas Import Ability with QTI Files

Idea created by Ron Marx on Mar 15, 2017
    Open for Voting

    Our school district was using other Learning Management Systems before switching to (the superior) Canvas. We have thousands of questions formatted in other LMS products (Blackboard, Schoology, Edmodo), many of which are sophisticated question types (multiple drop-down, hot spot, etc.), and many more still in static MS Word or OCR-converted Text format (from PDF documents).


    This idea is for Instructure to bolster Canvas's function when converting assessments outside of Canvas into native Canvas format. There are a good number of ideas desired in the quizzes.next_new that are already posted, but support for more sophisticated question types, and strong importing/exporting seems to be missing. Printing Canvas-based assessments (with an answer key) as a quality paper document would also be great for those special situations when machine-administered tests can't be taken.


    Strengthening the Canvas import functions will empower its developer-teacher users, and will endear Instructure with the IMS Global Consortium for further work on its QTI conversion features. Being able to perform bulk imports of assessment questions lays at the foundation of this idea. Wouldn't it be nice if Canvas could simply accept a text or csv file containing a thousand questions, and convert it, and present the thousand questions in native Canvas formatted questions? Follow this link to see how this simple idea was implemented into a very powerful developer tool.


    Please empower all the teachers, developers, and instructional designers with this feature in the Quizzes.Next upgrade!