"Select All" permissions option

Idea created by Dave Dieckmeyer on May 19, 2017
    Open for Voting
    • John Boekenoogen
    • Dave Dieckmeyer
    • Joni Miller
    • Eric Werth
    • Jeffrey Brady
    • Deborah Bogard

    "Select All" permissions option when creating a new course or admin role.


    When a custom role is created initially, none of the permission options are selected. For certain custom roles (such  as a 'Power User' role or 'Helpdesk' agent) it would be much easier to have all the options selected and then turn off only a few of the permissions that need to be removed. As it is I have to select each permission I want to apply. If that's most of them its a lot of check boxes. Please provide an option to choose whether or not you want all permissions on or off.