4 Levels in Mastery Paths

Idea created by Angela Meekey Champion on Jul 1, 2017
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    Hello All,

        I want to request that Canvas adds another level in the Mastery Path tool.  Currently, I am teaching at a Personalized Learning school.  We implement 4 levels when we do project based activities called Pathways.  These pathways are based on an assessment, like a quiz, or can be based on their proficiency level in a standard.  The students and staff have all been trained on the four levels that are deemed Expert, Practioner, Apprentice, and Novice.  Many teachers across the district have already designed lessons with these four levels and created hours of content for each level.  For our teachers to use Mastery Paths they would have to redesign these activities to make 3 groups instead of 4.  Also, please note that the more paths there are the more individualized the instruction can be.




    Angela Meekey