Edit and or delete Rubric Comments

Idea created by Betsy Walker on Jul 12, 2017
    Open for Voting

    Please allow edits to the list of saved comments in rubrics. This is a feature that was requested about 2 years ago. It got a lot of support at the time. But it was never enacted that I can see.


    I really like and appreciate the ability to save comments within the rubrics when I am reviewing and scoring homework. However, I truly wish I could edit the saved comments. Some, I discover to my dismay, have typos. Or need adjustment to reflect new project requirements. Or simply need deletion because they no longer apply.


    At the moment, my only option is to add yet another comment, which becomes very hard to distinguish in the growing list.


    So now instead I resort to creating a list of comments in a txt file that I keep open and minimized. Then I copy and paste from there. But I would much rather enjoy the benefit of the comment saving feature in Canvas.


    I used to participate in Canvas community discussions and feature requests on almost a daily basis. I had hoped to see our features developed. But I finally gave up and so stopped about 2 years ago. However, this would truly make a difference in my teaching life, so I am trying again.


    Thank you - Betsy Walker