Enable contextual (Course) view in Canvas Commons

Idea created by Stuart Ryan Champion on Aug 20, 2017
    Open for Voting

    Howdy everyone,

    In chatting with Julian Ridden at InstructureCon recently, I came up with an idea that I wanted to float with the community.

    This one is difficult to describe in text, however, essentially boils down to maintaining context when you click 'Import from Commons' in a specific course.

    There are two ways to access commons for importing content (well that I am aware of). Firstly is through the main Commons button, on the left-hand menu. The second is through 'Import into a Course' feature within a specific course.

    When you use the latter, you are presented with the same interface as accessing commons directly, you lose the context of access Commons with the relevancy to the course you came through from.


    As a result, people often get confused and (without reading), tick the 'All button' and then import into course. As I am sure many of you have come across, this ends with some not so awesome results.


    To illustrate this better, I created a video, it is a little quick and dirty, but displays the issue well. I can also happily say that I took the extra time to close caption it (that is a first for me), so feedback welcome!




    So, I would love to see context maintained when you access Commons from within a course. I have also logged a related idea to look at Changes to 'Import into All Courses' within Commons  functionality separately, even though they are closely related.


    My proposal in short - if you come through 'Import into Course' within a specific course, Commons should only permit you to import into that one course. If you come through the main Commons menu item, then the current interface is fair game.

    What does everyone else think?