Changes to 'Import into All Courses' within Commons

Idea created by Stuart Ryan Champion on Aug 20, 2017
    Open for Voting

    Howdy everyone,

    Something that we have been stung on in the past, and I know a few other people in the APAC group have as well, relates to the 'All' checkbox within Canvas Commons.

    Snapshot of the Import Into (course list) checkboxes from Canvas Commons


    I personally think that the confusion caused by this feature is multi-part. The first of which relates to Enable contextual (Course) view in Canvas Commons. This (however) is the second part.


    Aside from the confusion caused by a lack of context, after the 'All' option is selected, you may note that the 'Import into Course' button does not change. It still refers to a single course. 


    We have had several occurrences of people importing across all the courses in which they are a teacher, which is a dangerous prospect for administrators and learning designers alike, who may have a teacher role in many courses (for a variety of reasons). Whether you are an admin (like me) or a teacher/faculty administrator or other, you may have run across this yourself. 


    I have had a few thoughts myself, all really surrounding something that is far more prominent. At a minimum, I would like to see the button change so it specifically states 'Import into ALL courses' (or a truer statement) 'Import into ALL courses which I am a teacher'.


    Some other ideas that have been proposed in the APAC group (where we first started pondering this) was to have a 'warning popup' to ask 'Are you REALLY sure this is what you intended, you are going to import the content into a large number of courses'.


    To ask a broader question, do (m)any people have a necessary use case for having the ability to import en-masse to more than one course?


    Would love to hear everyone's thoughts, would love to see something done to make this a little more user friendly and protect us from ourselves (hey, I have been there, I have checked the box, and I have had to do the cleanup... so it can happen to any of us).