Blueprint: Additional Lockable Attributes for Assignments

Idea created by Linda J. Lee on Sep 12, 2017
    Open for Voting

    In Blueprint courses, several attributes of assignments are lockable, including content, points, due date, and availability dates (How do I lock course objects in a blueprint course as an instructor? ).


    There are some use cases where additional lockable attributes for assignments -- specifically, Display Grade as and Submission Type -- would be beneficial. (I recognize that this is potentially two separate feature requests, but they are closely related and I hope would be treated as a single request.)


    "Grade Display As" should be lockable:

    As an optionally lockable attribute, this would allow course coordinators/course lead instructors to establish not only the point values for assignments (which is currently possible) but also how grades are communicated/displayed to students. This would improve consistency across courses that require it.


    "Submission Type" should be lockable:

    Similarly, for consistency of student experience across large enrollment courses, the ability to control how students should submit work is important.


    For courses currently using Blueprint, most assignment attributes can be controlled through the template. However, the lack of ability to make submission types and grade displays consistent across courses can lead to inconsistency and confusion for students, teaching team members, and TAs.