Kenneth Rogers

What Could the New iPhone Mean?

Blog Post created by Kenneth Rogers Employee on Sep 7, 2017

I'm not sure if you've been living under a rock, or if you are obsessed with new technology like I am, but a new iPhone (or three) will be released next week. Two of the new phones will be familiar to people and follow Apple's standard update. The third? Well, it has a brand new form factor, edge to edge OLED display, and many other updates. Yes the new phone, dubbed iPhone 8, isn't ground breaking if you're an Android user, but for us Apple fans, it's pretty exciting.


The thought of a completely new form factor started a conversation between Ryan Seilhamer and myself - What would a Canvas app potentially look like on an iPhone 8? There are plenty of rumors out there about what Apple may or may not do with the UI/UX of the device and iOS 11 (also coming out this month - and it's slick), so we had a decent starting point. In my opinion, the biggest change by far is the "height" of the screen which will give you more landscape as a user. Granted, we have no insider knowledge of how Instructure will ultimately use this space, but can only assume it will be based off of current apps to alleviate frustration for developers.


So, here are my ideas and a tweet from Ryan with his idea. What do you think about these? Are there bits and pieces you like or hate? If you've been nerding out on iPhone 8 updates, do you think Ryan and I missed or hit the mark here? (Note: These mockups were made with a virtual home button for use during the apps before reports have said that most likely will not be the case.)