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GoogleDocs to Develop and Share Content

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on May 15, 2017

So, I gave myself a very relaxing week off last week... and now I am ready to get back into my routine again, which of course includes growth mindset cats! I already had a good routine going for new cats and new infographic transcripts (see my last Growth Mindset Update here), so I carried on with those today (see new cat and new infographic below)... and I also decided on a strategy for developing and sharing the growth mindset challenges that I have as summer project goal.


For the past two years, students have been choosing from a very informal list of growth mindset challenges. Based on what I learned from watching their choices and reading their posts over the past two years, I've decided both to expand on those options and also to add some prompts to really get them to engage more deeply so that they are not just looking for confirmation of what they already belief (although that is important too!), but also expanding their ideas in new directions.


After playing with Google Docs last week (specifically, using Google Docs inside Google Sites), I decided it would be a good option for this content development project too! I'm not sure just what format the final set of challenges will take, but Google Docs is definitely a good way to develop the content and also to share as I keep on developing it! So here is the routine I have started:


GoogleDocs Folder. I created a Growth Mindset Challenges folder and made it public.


GoogleDocs Challenge pages. I then wrote up a new Challenge page using the Padlet I created near the end of last semester (that is going to be such a great resource to have in play from the start of the year this time!). You can see that document here: Learn from Other Students.

My goal: I want to create a couple of these Challenge pages each week in order to have a good set of around 20 or so challenges by the end of the summer. Then, when I have the challenges ready, I'll figure what the best way to share them with the students will be; I might continue to present them as GoogleDocs, or I might switch to something else. I'm not sure about that yet!


GoogleDocs NEW Challenge. I then created a document that is for the newest Challenge. So, whenever I add a Challenge page to the folder, I will quickly copy-and-paste the contents of that new page into this page: See the NEWEST Challenge here.


And... that allows me to display the newest challenge at my Canvas Growth Mindset course space! I just embedded that New Challenge page into a Canvas Page, and every time I add a new challenge and update the page, the content will appear in Canvas. I also included a link to the folder so people can access the other Challenge pages too.


You can see the page in action here: Canvas: Growth Mindset Challenges.


canvas challenges screenshot



This allows me to stick to my goal of having fresh, new content at this Canvas site... while not actually doing any content editing in Canvas at all (because, really, it's a pretty terrible space for serious content development).


So, I am using real content tools outside Canvas (Blogger, Diigo, Padlet, Pinterest, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and now GoogleDocs) to create and share my content on the open Internet, which also means new content showing up in the Canvas space too thanks to the power of embedding and RSS.


And finally, as I mentioned above, here is today's new infographic with a new cat too... see it in Canvas or at the blog


With effort, I can develop new skills.


canvas space screenshot


Update. I wanted to make sure I created one more Growth Mindset Challenge to make sure my system for feeding the new challenges into a Canvas space was going to work... and it does!


I added a new Challenge in the Google Docs folder: Challenge: Make an Acronym


Then I copied-and-pasted it (that literally takes a couple of seconds), into the New Challenge document... and — presto, it's magic! — the new Challenge is there in Canvas, along with a link to the folder so people can browse.

So far, so good! :-)


acronyms screenshot