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Padlet Integration News

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Jul 23, 2017

I wanted to share a Twitter convo here that started with an announcement about Padlet's Canvas integration; you can read more about that here:

A better way to add Padlet to your LMS

And I have to say kudos to Padlet for using their own product to make this announcement; that page looks like it is the Padlet-as-blog, right? Very nice!


Meanwhile, at the Twitter convo, Lisa Lane and I were talking about integration and grading, and the Padlet people chimed in to say that integrated grading features were coming... PLUS, they are looking for feedback! So, share your comments here if you want, or you can ping the Padlet people at Twitter.


twitter screenshot


And for Flipgrid users, ping Shao Zhang at Twitter; or here at Canvas: Shaomeng Zhang ... he is going to be working on the Flipgrid-Canvas integration.


Since I don't do grading (#TTOG I say), the grading-integration features are not important to me, but I am excited to try out this new way of integrating Padlet and Canvas, which works out perfectly since I was hoping to make Padlet my first CanvasLIVE for the new school year.


Twitter is not the best place for sustained discussions, but it sure is a great way to get in touch with people and find out what's going on. :-)