Laura Gibbs

An #InstCon Twitter Widget in Under 5 Minutes

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Jul 25, 2017

Just to show people how easy it is to set up a live Twitter feed for a Canvas page (a real feed with media; not the text-only Twitter LTI), here's how I set up a Twitter Page in Canvas for #InstCon.


Starting at 3:15 PM.

. . . All done (including the typing of these instructions) at 3:19 PM. Less than 5 minutes! :-)


1. Go to Twitter.
2. Go to your settings.
3. Click Widgets.
4. Create New: Search
5. Put in #instcon (or whatever search you want)
6. Set height; I put 1000.
7. Opt out of safe search and tailoring.
8. Click Create Widget.
9. Copy and paste HTML code into plain text file.
10. Save plain text file with HTML suffix (I called mine InstCon.html). Make sure it is really a plain text file; use if you do not have a true plain text editor on your computer.
11. Upload plain text file to Files area of Canvas.
12. Get file address: 


13. Paste file information into iframe snippet:

<iframe style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" src="" width="500" height="1200"></iframe>


14. Create new Page.
15. Paste iframe snippet into Page.
16. Publish Page.

It's #InstCon at Twitter: Twitter4Canvas 


And now... it's live!!!


#InstCon widget screenshot