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Simple Google Form = Anonymous Suggestion Box in Canvas

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Oct 17, 2017

In an earlier blog post, I mentioned how I use a Suggestion Box so that students can submit anonymous suggestions at any time right inside our Canvas course:

Mid-Term Assessments (with Suggestion Box)


screenshot of suggestion box in canvas


So, something fun happened this morning: I got an email notification from Google that there was something new in the Suggestion Box (you can set up a form so that you get notifications), and instead of being from one of my students, it was from another faculty member at my school who wanted some tips on how to set up a Google Form in Canvas! She included her email so I could get back in touch with her. How cool is that? Pinging Keegan Long-Wheeler because she and I connected thanks to your Create Workshop! :-)


Since my school is not a Google school (alas...), it is not quite as easy for schools with Google integration, but it's still easy: you just use the option provided by Google to embed via an iframe OR you can use the Redirect Tool. Here's how it works, step by step:




1. Log into your Google account (same account for Gmail, Google Drive, all the other great Google services like Blogger, Google Sites, etc.).


2. Go to which is where you can create and share documents, spreadsheets, slideshows... and forms!


3. Click on the New button and from the "More" options choose New Google Form. You will then see a blank form that you can edit. Here's a screenshot of what my simple Suggestion Box form looks like; it's just one fill-in-the-blank (long form) question, plus an image:



screenshot of Form edit screen



For more help with creating a Google Form, see this step by step guide from Jim Elliott:

Google Forms In Canvas 


REDIRECT or EMBED in Canvas. Then, you have two choices: if you want to just display the form in Canvas so that people can fill out the form right there, that is super-easy; you can use the Redirect Tool. If you want to contextualize it, displaying it with additional text instructions for example, you can use the embed option to add it to a Canvas Page.


Here is how both options work:



Google Form: Link. To use the Redirect Tool, click on the Send button when you are done editing your Form, and click on the link tab, which will give you the https address you need to set up the Redirect Tool in Canvas.


screenshot of link tab in Google Form Send


Canvas: Redirect. Then, in Canvas, go to Settings, click on Apps, then put Redirect in the search box. When the Redirect Tool displays, click on that option, then click Add App. Give the installation a name (like "Suggestion Box"), and then paste in the address you got from Google. So that the page will display right there in Canvas, make sure the "Force open in new tab" option is un-checked. If you are going to add it to the menu, click Show in Course Navigation. Then click Add App. You're done!

You can see how that works here (that's my Myth-Folklore class site; open to all, no log-in required - screenshot above):

Suggestion Box 




Google Form: Embed. To embed in Canvas when you are done editing your Form, click on the Send button, and click on the embed <> tab like this. You can choose the width and height here, but I think it's easier to do that when you copy-and-paste into your Canvas Page.


Google Form embed options


Canvas: Page. In Canvas, create a Page, type what you want, and then type PUTFORMHERE where you want to display the form. Next, click on the HTML editor (top right above editing box), and paste in the iframe code you copied from Google, replacing the PUTFORMHERE with the iframe code. Using the PUTFORMHERE allows you to just ignore all the other HTML if you are not familiar with that; you can just copy and paste and ignore everything else. This is where I adjust the height and width; for my width I changed the default 760 to "100%" and for the height, I changed the default 500 to 1500 (that way there is no scroll bar).


screenshot of canvas page html


Just as an example, here's what it looks like if I do the embed option with my same Google Form:

Suggestion Box: CanvasLIVE Playground 


screenshot of Playground Suggestion Box


I tried not to leave out a step here, but if I missed something, let me know!