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Starting 2018 with the ONE Reflective Writing Club

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Jan 6, 2018

This is my first blog post here for 2018, and I've chosen a different banner image to use for this year: it is a brain neuron wallpaper image I found online! One of my goals for this year is to learn more about neurobiology, and I figured this image would help remind me to keep on learning. Plus, it is just cool and weird to look at.


I got back this morning from travels to find a lovely email from Michelle Pacansky-Brock about the upcoming ONE (Online Network of Educators) Reflective Writing Club. It starts officially January 26, but I am glad Michelle sent around this note encouraging people to start early if they want. For me, that is a huge help since this coming week is already the soft start for my classes (I call it "Week 0" for the students who are wanting to work ahead), and so it will be pretty busy, and then Week 1 will be bonkers as always. So having some time this morning to think about the Reflective Writing Club is very nice. 


I would encourage EVERYBODY to think about signing up for this. If you are new to blogging, it sounds like a perfect way to get started, and if you are an experienced blogger, it is a chance for you to share your experiences with people who are beginning their blog journey. You can find out more here at the website for the Reflective Writing Club: 


screenshot of reflective writing club website


I'm really torn about what to do for the "create a blog" step: on the one hand, I always have fun creating a new Blogger blog for a new learning project... but on the other hand, I am tempted to use my Canvas Community blog instead. At this moment, I am leaning towards the Canvas Community option because promoting Canvas is a big part of the ONE project, as you can see at their website: 


screenshot from ONE website

So, given that I already have lots of Blogger blogs that I can point to as examples to share with the Club, I think I will do my actual Club blogging right here in my Canvas Community space. After all, this really IS a blog, with an RSS feed of its own, along with the ability to create blog-specific tags (and even tag-specific RSS feeds for the blog!)... and at the same time, it is also part of this larger Canvas Community project, where I can hope to connect with other Canvas users, in addition to connecting with Writing Club members.


It looks like the specific hashtag at Twitter for the club will be: CCCWrite, so that is what I will use now, along with the ReflectBlog tag I had been using for my own reflection posts:

#CCCWrite across the Canvas Community (that should pick up my posts and anyone else's too!)

#ReflectBlog (that's a tag search jus there at my own Canvas blog space)


So, a big THANK YOU to Michelle Pacansky-Brock and all the people at ONE who are making this happen. I am excited about the project, and very glad to have a Canvas blog here to experiment with as my platform, just to see how that goes.


Happy 2018, everybody!!! And I hope some of the other Canvas Community-goers will want to come along for the reflective ride! :-)


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