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A Flipgrid Playground for the Canvas Community

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Jan 14, 2018

So, I am finally getting around to actually USING Flipgrid in my classes this semester... but it's also totally new to me, and I'll be learning as I go. Based on all the incredibly positive reports I've heard from other teachers using Flipgrid, though, I decided that was okay: I'm not a Flipgrid expert, but even as a total beginner I can see that this could be a really fun and positive addition to my classes.


I got myself a paid account (even though the free account is great, and would offer me everything I need just for my classes), and with that paid account I can create multiple grids, so I made a grid for us to use here at the Canvas Community as a Flipgrid Playground. Please join in and make recordings: it is a playground for anybody here who wants to make use of it!


I'm kind of in a rush today so I am not going to write detailed instructions here now, but we can use the comments sections here to share ideas and experiences, and I'll write some future blog posts about how this experiment goes in my classes! So far I've found Flipgrid to be incredibly easy to set up and use, so I'm guessing all you need are the links below... when you see that big green button, just click and record, and then follow the prompts afterwards (don't worry: you can record again if you are not happy with the recording you got... or if your cat jumps on top of the keyboard in the middle of it ha ha).


Here's the Canvas Community Flipgrid Playground:


embedded flipgrid in Canvas screenshot


Get started at the Say Hello Topic:


embedded flipgrid topic in Canvas