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Spring Cleaning at Twitter and Twitter4Canvas

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Mar 31, 2018

Thanks to Alan Levine and Robin de Rosa at Twitter, I learned that Twitter is about to phase out the old system for building widgets (the system you accessed via your Settings in Twitter) to the new system which you access at Basically Twitter has been running two different widget ecosystems for a while now, and the old system is now going to be phased out: Deprecating widget settings - Twitter Developers.


At first, I was worried: Twitter announced that the "search" widget would no longer be supported, and in the old system, the hashtag widget was a type of search widget. But thanks to Alan, I learned that in the new system, the hashtag widget is just that -- a hashtag widget -- so it will still be supported. That was a big relief! When I first thought that hashtag widgets were going away, I started brainstorming alternatives; as it turned out, that resulted in some good ideas, but I'll save that for a later post.


screenshot of Alan Levine tweet showing new hashtag widgets at Twitter


So, the biggest consequence is that any widgets that were created under the old system will need to be re-created using the new system. Yes, it's a pain, but it's also a good excuse to do some serious spring cleaning. When I built my Twitter4Canvas site, I had a mix of old widgets and new widgets because I happened to be creating that site right around the time Twitter started rolling out the new system. Over the next month, I hope to go through the Twitter4Canvas pages and fix those up with the new widget codes, while also writing up some documentation for what I've since learned about Twitter widgets and Canvas. 


And this post will be my first post here at Canvas using #Twitter4Canvas as a hashtag here. And that, I think will allow me to use posts from this blog over at my Twitter4Canvas Canvas course site. I'll update this post with a screenshot when I get that up and running!


Update. Whoo-hoo: it worked! I took the RSS feed for the #Twitter4Canvas tag here at my blog, subscribed to that feed in Inoreader, created a rule to automatically tag new posts, and then created an HTML clippings view to put in the front page of the Twitter4Canvas course space. That way as I add materials and work on this spring cleaning, the blog posts will be immediately accessible from the homepage of the course space:

Twitter4Canvas Canvas Resource site


screenshot of Twitter4Canvas course site