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The InstCon Canvas Course Challenge!

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on May 27, 2018

Yesterday and today I worked on something really fun: I created an open Canvas course space to use for InstructureCon 2018! You can see what I have so far here:
(that URL goes straight to the course homepage -- all open, linkable, clickable, no log-in required)


My goal is to use this Canvas course space to help organize my InstCon experience (before, during, after), to share what I learn with others, and ... most important of all! ... to experiment with ways to connect onsite and remote participants. I'll have more to say about my own goals in a later post, but for now, here are FIVE REASONS WHY I think everybody can benefit by building an InstCon Canvas course space of their own to share with others:


1) It's fun! Unlike creating a real course with modules and quizzes and grades, creating an open Canvas course space is easy and fun: you get to tinker and experiment, try out new tools, and learn new things. No stress; you can just relax and explore and enjoy the learning experience.


2) Share your InstCon experience with others. That might mean sharing with people here at the Community, or sharing with people at your home institution, or sharing with family and friends. Or all of the above!


3) Practice your Canvas skills. I've created about a half-dozen open resource courses over the past two years, and every time I create a new resource course, I learn new things, getting better at it every time. The new thing I am most excited about this time is having created a Padlet with links to Cheezburger pictures to promote meme-making. GO PANDAS!


4) Teach people about Open Canvas. The ability to create and share open courses in Canvas is one of my favorite Canvas features (it was not even possible in D2L which we had at my school before Canvas). If you have not experimented with open Canvas before, this is a a great way to get started, and also to spread the news about OPEN at your school.


5) Make the conference last. InstCon is going to be an amazing few days, and I excited about all I can get done during that time. At the same time, I also want it to be a lasting experience. With an open course space, I can reflect on the conference afterwards, and come back to the digital space in the future to keep on learning from InstCon2018.


I'm really glad that at my school (University of Oklahoma), we can create courses like this on-the-fly. Other schools do this differently, and you may need to ask an admin's help in creating a course space: don't be shy to ask! Especially if the goal is to share your InstCon experience with other people at your school, I am guessing your admin will be glad to help you do that!


And maybe other InstCon attendees from my school (I'm looking at you Michelle Meazell and John Boekenoogen) will think about using the wonderful freedom we have at OU to create our own courses like this. I know I am going to have fun with mine.


LET ME KNOW if you create a course. I've got a Padlet page in my course to collect links to other courses if you want to share there:

Share Your InstCon Canvas Course


And remember: you can be a REMOTE participant in InstructureCon. That's the whole point in fact! Last summer, I had so much fun following along (especially thanks to Linda J. Lee, the Queen of #InstCon Twitter)... and now looking back, I sure wish I had built a Canvas space to capture all that I learned from last year's experience.


This year, I am ready to capture and save and share.


And now.........


THE CHALLENGE. Create an open InstCon Canvas course space of your own, share the link here in the comments... and when you do, 500 POINTS WILL BE AWARDED from me to you. In fact, I would love to give away all my points to people creating InstCon Canvas sites to share! I've got a heap of points I can give away, so please use them all up, people! I would very happy indeed to convert all my points into open InstCon Canvas courses. 


Have fun, everybody! I have had a ton of fun with this so far. And many thanks to Adam Williams and the other members of the Canvas Community team who helped me with the brainstorming. A lot of these ideas came from those discussions, and I'm looking forward to more. :-)


canvas panda is inspired to create an open course

(make your own memes with these pandas)