Limited Edition User Badges for InstCon0017!

Blog Post created by panda Administrator on Jul 6, 2017

Secret--and now, not-so-secret--Agent Community Panda, here!


In anticipation of InstCon0017, your intrepid Community Panda, peering down from the Posh Panda Perch HQ (undisclosed location, natch), has hacked into the Canvas Community settings--cuz that's what rogue agents do--and changed all of the user badges!


Shhh...let's keep this on the DL.


What are user badges, you ask?


Well, user badges are peer-to-peer badges that Community members give to each other for doing awesome things. I have tons of them...cuz I'm just that awesome. Read more information on how to award them here: How do I give a badge to another user in the Community? 


So, what's the big deal?


As you know, I can never contain my excitement about INSTCON. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that these badges were designed to follow InstCon0017's theme. Check out my badging tips:



If you meet someone new at InstCon0017, confirm their identity (to make sure they are who they say they are) and "welcome" them to the conference (or Community).


Any accomplishment is a milestone when learning about Canvas. If an agent survives InstCon0017 without getting altitude sickness, or participates in #IC17Trivia, a "congratulations" is in order--preferably, offered up with one of my fave drinks, "Bamboo Martini" (shaken, not stirred).

Nice Work

The Community is full of contributions from Canvas users who are (arguably) more brilliant than I am--and their work should be recognized. You may find agents blogging about briefings, surveillance records, and operative reports throughout our conference. Give 'em badges. Let them know their work is essential to other agents.

Thank You

No explanation needed. Agents always have each others' backs. A "thank you" goes a long way toward keeping you safe (and possibly alive) during your mission!


I've included prompts in the badges to help you award these badges to other agents during the month of July. But you can customize those messages however you'd like! Just remember that the personal message you send with the badge, along with any comments made in response to your message, are not encrypted (which is to say, the entire conversation is publicly visible in the Community).


So whether you're attending InstCon0017 or not, feel free to leverage these badges throughout July (assuming the Community Team doesn't discover the change and change them back). 


Will I be badging other agents?


If I told you, you might be compromised...