Canvas Community at 40 Days In

Blog Post created by Administrator on May 26, 2015

Since launching Canvas Community 2.0 on April 15th, 2015, 5600 users have activated their  accounts. Within the past month, 40% of those users have engaged in content (i.e., liking, sharing, bookmarking, etc.)  and 12% have created content (i.e., commenting, asking questions, posting new ideas, etc).Screenshot 2015-05-26 14.48.11.png


When it comes to participation inequality in online communities, (aka 90% view, 9% comment, 1% create), our old community enabled viewing but not collaborating or creating content. It was difficult to track the number of active users and follow the conversations that were the most active in the old community. Our best estimates told us that  300 to 400 people commented on a topic or voted for a feature within a given month. Only about 100 users regularly created content by contributing community created resources, submitting feature ideas or answering questions.


Our new community is shifting this paradigm because of the tools we provide to enable our community to be more engaged.  Here is what we can confidently report now:

  • 358 people have joined the Instructional Designers group where vigorous and collaborative conversations are happening about course design and building. 
  • 456 people have joined the Canvas Admins group, which is also very active. 
  • 4,454 Content items (documents, blog posts, discussions) have been contributed
  • 3,360 people have uploaded a profile picture


The new platform is also increasingly becoming a medium for our employees and Canvas users to interact in ways that make our efforts more transparent. Sales and Marketing teams are posting information about local and regional events. Customer Success Managers are following their clients and advocating on their behalf.  Engineers and Product Managers are active in the Canvas Developers group and the Share Ideas space to glean insights on ways to make our products better.


While the patterns of how and where people interact are still being shaped in the new Community, we anticipate this will be the go-to destination for all Canvas users and employees, partners and prospective users... a chance to find answers, share ideas and network with each other!