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Advice on how to tag a pdf

I need some help with tagging pdfs. My uni uses Canvas and Ally. I have a faculty member with a screen-reader-student and a collection of files that show as needing tagged. I've attached one to this message. I followed the different methods of tagging a pdf as described in the Ally instructions. Nothing seems to work, though. When I convert to Word, the figures all convert to gibbberish.

Anyone have any advice on tagging pdfs? I'm really at a loss here.


Thanks so much for your help.

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Hi James. I'm actually experiencing some technical difficulties with Adobe that prevent me from giving you any sort of specific advice. However, if you end up having to manually tag the PDF, Clemson has some PDF accessibility information/guides that may help you. The Tables page in the full-blown guide may be the most useful.

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When we create accessible documents for students using screen readers, we convert them to Word. To do that it helps to have a tool that will convert the PDF to a .txt file and from there, you can copy and paste the text into Word. We use SensusAccess.

Thanks for the information, I hadn't heard of that website. It worked but the user ended up finding another option. I'm not sure what since I never heard back from them, but no news is good news I suppose.

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If you have Adobe Acrobat, you can also File > Export to > Microsoft Word.
Or, if you like exporting to .txt, they have that option further down on the same menu.