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Canvas, LaTeX and MathJAX

We are servicing complaints from a number of departments about the inaccessibility of any LaTeX equations entered into the Canvas HTML page editor (and similar). The LaTeX is rendered as an inaccessible image. These departments are refusing to use Canvas because of this.


I wondered if anybody else has similar issues and, if so, would they join me in lobbying Instructure to add MathJax to Canvas so the LaTeX output would be accessible?



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Thank you, @Nancy_Webb_CCSF. Unfortunately, when I follow your link, I got the error message, "An invalid set of parameters has been specified in the url."

Sorry @mho - looks like there was an extraneous "s" at the end of the url.

Try this:




I found the equation editor under Canvas very buggy and I wasted countless hours using it for quizzes.  I thought I found a workaround with mathml [converting from latex to mathml offline and then entering the output as html into the quiz..] only to discover that this will work only under Firefox..  It is very difficult to get any help because  canvas does not provide any technical assistance  -- they instead rely on the community to solve their problems. Too late for this semester but I plan on switching to something else next semester.  It is irresponsible to put an unreliable product out there and count on institutions to adopt it broadly while ignoring the burden the product puts on users.