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Is this a valid concern?

The accessibility coordinator at my university mentioned that the message shown to students after completing a quiz doesn't have sufficient color contrast.


Image is attached. It's the message: "!Correct answers are hidden...".


Is this really a valid concern? I thought canvas was reviewed for accessibility. Is it really insufficient color contrast? I thought if I changed my view to high contrast UI, it would appear differently, but it doesn't.


How can I defend Canvas?


Thanks for your help!

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That is correct that the text in that alert doesn't have adequate contrast to meet the WCAG AA standards. Canvas generally does a good job at making sure their platform is accessible, but they are not perfect. When an accessibility issue is discovered, you can submit issues like this to support. 


Additional information on Canvas accessibility is available here

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Thanks. Looks like they have an email for accessibility issues:


I'll direct them there and see how it goes.

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