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ReadSpeaker’s Online Text-to-Speech Tools Now Support Translation Into Ukrainian

With this release, ReadSpeaker is inviting non-profit organizations and government agencies in EU states working to meet the needs of those fleeing the war against Ukraine and its people to contact the ReadSpeaker team to receive complimentary access to ReadSpeaker’s online tools to support the digital inclusion of Ukrainian refugees and the accessibility of text-based web content in host country languages, which they may not speak. 

In addition, ReadSpeaker is offering a free subscription of ReadSpeaker TextAid to Ukrainian students. Any educational institution with Ukrainian students in need of support should contact the ReadSpeaker education team.

This is just another way we can come together as a collective to address the needs and offer voices to assist under-served groups. It makes one pause and reflect; are there other languages or voices that programs would like to collaborate with ReadSpeaker on that could benefit other groups?

Read more about the Ukrainian speakers on our blog.

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