Standard for Extending Time on Quizzes

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There are currently a couple of different ways to add extra time for an accommodation on quizzes, I'm hoping to share some of the conversations in the community on the topic, how time extensions are done in classic, new quizzes and some 3rd party assessments and share some ideas on how that might be standardized. 

For context, we have 400+ students each semester who require this accommodation. When you consider all of the courses that those students take and all of the quizzes in those course - that is a lot of quizzes per student. We used to put the responsibility for extending time on instructors, but that wasn't working great so now all accommodations are handled centrally. 

Classic Quizzes
Per the instructions at Once I publish a timed quiz, how can I give my students extra time?, you basically publish an individual quiz and then moderate the quiz to add the time extension for any students for that specific quiz. Repeat for all quizzes in a course. At USU, we use the excellent quiz extensions tool created by UCF that saves us a lot of time by providing the ability to automatically apply a time extensions across all existing quizzes in a given semester. In addition, we have a data wizard who has created an automated report of any new classic quizzes added for courses where an accommodation is needed that we review daily to know when we need to go back into the quiz extension tool to add new quizzes. 

New Quizzes
New Quizzes has significantly improved the process as explained in the How do I add accommodations for a student in New Quizzes? instruction. You go through a similar process to an accommodation for a student, but with a significant improvement in that the accommodation you set automatically applies to all current and future quizzes. This is a huge time saver in helping to ensure all students have their required accommodation. The biggest challenge with this solution was determining which courses are using new quizzes, so a tool has been developed that provides a daily report of all new courses using new quizzes so we can know where we need to go in and add the accommodation. 

3rd Party Tools
We have at least 2 alternative assessment LTI tools that we offer to instructors that allow them to create timed quizzes. Both of these tools comes with a way to provide time extensions for students one quiz at a time and there have been challenges in identifying which courses those tools are used in. For one of the tools we developed a bespoke solution where we upload a CSV file of students who need accommodations in which courses and they automatically apply the extension. We are still working on a solution with the other vendor. 

A Unified Solution Available to LTI tools through the API
This next part is a feature request and I plan to submit it as such eventually - but would love to start with a discussion on what a single tool/workflow might look like that could be used to manage time extensions for Canvas quizzes and 3rd party solutions. In theory - it seems like you might be able to indicate that a student (or student in a course) needs a time extension and have that information be available to be used to used in all of their assessments. 

Here are the requirements I am thinking of and would love feedback from anyone else: 

  1. At a course level, add the ability for teachers or admins to add a time extension designation for a student - similar to the accommodation functionality that currently exists in New Quizzes. 
  2. That time extension would then be used by built in Canvas assessments AND with the proper permissions could also be exposed to LTI assessment tools. 
  3. Confidentiality of that indicator would be of the upmost importance - but the potential value to something like this could be tremendous. 

There are some additional conversations in the community that I'll share below that provide some additional context: 

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Are there any assessment tool providers who would take advantage of this if it were available?