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The Virus and school

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I am so overwhelmed as I had the Virus from January 9, to the  February  4. that what was my doctors note says.Gratefully I found a Doctor to help me. But I was so exhausted, and felt so "foggy headed"  for lack of a better term. I am 50 and go to Brigham Young University Idaho and I know if I drop out now  will never go back. I am single mom of two amazing kids who are so proud of me for going to school. But I am scared and I just pray I can get caught up. I'm the girl who has to get A's and now I am praying for C's. Just needed to vent to someone.I moved back to my home town to take care of my aging parents and I know they are a little upset they have to take care of me. BUT I AM GETTING BETTER EVERY DAY AND I CAN"T GIVE UP!!

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