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If you would like to connect with students using Zoom as your conferencing tool, you have the ability to add a Zoom Meeting to your Canvas Course, Course Announcement, Module, or via Calendar. The Zoom sessions will start when you join, and will run until you end the meeting. You do not have to update the link to start a new session. When you're ready for your next class to start, the same link allows the next group of students to join.

Note - Zoom will launch in a new tab, and if students are on a mobile device they will need the Zoom app, or can call in to participate via phone. 

Please view Zoom Meetings in Canvas to view or download a copy of the instructions below.

If you need to configure your Canvas instance with the Zoom LTI, please view the LTI Pro for Canvas document from the Zoom Help Center.

Add a Zoom Meeting in Announcements

Add a Zoom Meeting in Modules

Add a Zoom Meeting in Course Navigation

Add a Zoom Meeting in Calendar

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I don't think it's recommended to use your PMI information.

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I have TA's that create Zoom meetings within a course.  The problem is they aren't showing on the calendar, they only show when a teacher adds it, is this correct and is there a way for a TA to create the meeting and have it show on the calendar?  


In our experience, we found that they need to have authenticated Zoom Pro accounts w/in the/your larger institution Zoom account as well - just like folk in the Teacher role... but there could be variation, I imagine.  We are using the Zoom LTI Pro integration and are working with a large-ish institution Zoom account.  A few times we found folk manually created one-off, personal Zoom accounts using their campus email account and they needed to terminate/delete that account and then turn to authenticate with the institution account and try the integration.

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Is it possible to host multiple Zoom Meetings at the same time in a Canvas Course? For example, we are have a virtual learning day on July 28.  Each 45 minute slot will have 3 sessions. Will participants be able to choose the session from within Canvas?

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Yes, if they are different hosts. The zoom does not allow the same Host to be in simultaneous meetings.

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This doesn't look how it's setup in out institution. Instead there is a Zoom link places in the navigation menu of every course through which instructors create meetings. Is this out of date?

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Whether or not the Zoom link appears in the navigation of every course is

an option based on the way the XML is configured when the LTI is installed.

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The Canvas administrator must enable the scheduling function in Zoom's LTI.

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I believe that the course follows a Bluprint that has the Zoom link disabled.


If you have your teacher grant scheduling privileges to their TA within Zoom, they can schedule for the teacher and then I think they should show up on the calendar. Alternatively, if your TAs have account admin privileges in Canvas, they can "Act as User" for the teacher and schedule the Zoom, it will schedule it as if the teacher did it themselves. I have set up literally hundreds of zooms like that, it works perfectly.


Can this be done on the admin portal for all teachers or do individual teachers need to do this in their courses?