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Canvas Badges/Credentials Release Notes (2023-02-17)

Canvas Badges/Credentials Release Notes (2023-02-17)

In this Canvas Badges/Credentials release (17 February), users can delete their individual account.


New Features

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Account Settings

Delete User Account

Beta Environment Availability

Not available in the beta environment

Production Environment Availability


Affects User Interface


Affected User Roles and Areas

All Users, Account Settings


Individual users can delete their own individual accounts.

Change Benefit

This change provides users the independence to delete their own individual account.

Feature Workflow

Delete My Account Button in Account SettingsDelete My Account Button in Account Settings

In Account Settings, click the Delete my account button.


Verification Code FieldVerification Code Field

The user is asked to enter a verification code.


Confirm Your Intention FieldConfirm Your Intention Field

Additionally, the user is asked to confirm their intention to delete their account. Then click the Confirm button.

Additional Details

This is not a data deletion or a GDPR deletion. Any third-party badges added to the backpack will be lost. Additionally, badges awarded by Canvas Badges/Credentials remain in the issuer account and are restored if the user recreates their account.



Release Notes Change Log

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2023-03-01 Published Release Notes