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Canvas Badges/Credentials Release Notes (2023-11-13)

Canvas Badges/Credentials Release Notes (2023-11-13)

In this Canvas Badges/Credentials release (13 November), Group end dates are extended and phase 1 of a sync refactor is implemented.



Updated Features

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Group End Dates Extended

Beta Environment Availability

Not available in the beta environment

Production Environment Availability


Location to Enable Feature


Name of LTI Tool




Related APIs


Affects User Interface


Affected User Roles and Areas

Admin, Instructors, Groups

Related Ideas

[Credentials/Badges] Group End Date Longer Than 1 Year


In Groups, admin and instructors can extend the end date for badge groups up to 6 years from the creation date.

Note: Previously, the end date for badge groups was limited to 1 year from the creation date.

Change Benefit

This change enhances flexibility of badge group management by allowing admin and instructors to extend the end date of groups, ensuring they align with the specific needs of their institution.

Feature Workflow

Group End Date FieldGroup End Date Field

To set an End Date use the date picker.

Note: By default, the end date is set as one year from the creation date if no end date is specified.

Additional Details

This update is available to Canvas Credential users only.




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Sync Refactor


Canvas Credentials is releasing Phase 1 of a sync refactor to improve synchronization between Canvas and Canvas Credentials. This provides a more reliable experience and ensures a robust synchronization strategy that accommodates LTI 1.1, LTI 1.3 and direct integrations between products.

Change Benefit

This update enhances reliability in the synching process and improves the speed of LTI launches. Additionally, Admins or teachers departing from the Canvas course/account no longer causes sync failures and Canvas OAuth authorization is no longer needed. Note: This change does not extend to self-hosted Canvas instances.

Note: This update does not affect the User Interface.




Release Notes Change Log

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2023-11-13 Published Release Notes