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Canvas Badges/Credentials Release Notes (2024-01-29)

Canvas Badges/Credentials Release Notes (2024-01-29)

In this Canvas Badges/Credentials release an Issuers tab is added to the Credentials LTI Setup.

Table of Contents

New Features

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Enable Badges from Multiple Issuers


Beta Environment Availability

Not available in the beta environment

Production Environment Availability


Location to Enable Feature


Name of LTI Tool

Credentials LTI



Related APIs


Affects User Interface


Affected Areas

Credentials LTI Group Setup

Related Ideas



In the Credentials LTI Group Setup, an Issuers tab is added. The Issuers tab allows Organization admins and Canvas admins to enable or disable the use of badges from multiple issuers within a course.

Note: This completes phase one of the Enable Users from Multiple Badges feature and is currently only available to admins. Phase 2 of this feature will be released at a later date.

Change Benefit

This functionality streamlines the badge selection process, offering greater flexibility and scalability in course design.

Feature Workflow

Credentials LTI Group Set Up Issuer TabCredentials LTI Group Set Up Issuer Tab

In the Issuers tab [1], click the toggle [2] to enable the desired issuer.

Associated Badge in Use NoteAssociated Badge in Use Note

When disabling an issuer, if an associated badge is in use a note displays in the Blocked Reason column.

Additional Details

This feature is available for Credentials users only.

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