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Canvas Badges/Credentials Release Notes (2024-07-01)

Canvas Badges/Credentials Release Notes (2024-07-01)

In this Canvas Badges/Credentials release (1 July), users can access badges from the Backpack link in the Global Navigation,

Table of Contents

New Features

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Backpack in Global Navigation

All Users

Beta Environment Availability

Not available in the beta environment

Production Environment Availability


Location to Enable Feature

Developer Keys, External Apps 

Name of LTI Tool

LTI 1.3


Admin, Issuer, Learner

Related APIs


Affects User Interface


Affected Areas

Developer Keys, External Apps, Global Navigation

Related Ideas



In the Global Navigation, a Backpack link is available for all users when admins enable the Developer Key and add the external app.

Change Benefit

This feature enhances the user experience by allowing users to view, manage and share earned micro-credentials that were awarded to the user’s email associated with the given Canvas instance seamlessly and maintain consistent functionality within the LTI 1.3 integration.

Feature Workflow

Developer Key Inherited TabDeveloper Key Inherited Tab

On the Developer Keys page, click the Inherited tab [1], click the toggle to Enabled [2] for the Canvas Credentials US-Backpack, then copy the ID [3]. 

Note: The Canvas Credentials US-Backpack toggle is disabled by default.

Course Setting Apps pageCourse Setting Apps page

On the Settings page, click the Apps tab [1], then click the View App Configuration button [2].

Course Settings Add App ButtonCourse Settings Add App Button

Then click the Add App button.

Add App ModalAdd App ModalIn the Add App modal, select the Configuration Type as By Client ID [1], enter the Client ID [2], then click the Submit button [3].

Add App Install Confirmation MessageAdd App Install Confirmation Message

Before installation is complete a confirmation message displays, click the Install button.


Add App Confirmation MessageAdd App Confirmation Message

When an integration on the course level with credentials already exists, a confirmation message displays. Click the Yes, install tool button.

Backpack Global Navigation Icon and App pageBackpack Global Navigation Icon and App page

On the External Apps page, the Canvas Credentials US-Backpack app is added [1]. Additionally, a Backpack icon displays in the Global Navigation [2].


Backpack PageBackpack Page

On the Backpack page, users can view earned badges [1], search by badge name [2], badge status [3] or issuer [4].


Badge Award JSON ModalBadge Award JSON Modal

Users can also view the Badge Award JSON.


Badge DetailsBadge Details

On the badge details page, users can view badge information [1], download the badge [2] and share the badge [3].

Backpack Share Badge TrayBackpack Share Badge Tray

Users can also share badges from the options menu on the Backpack page.


Print CertificatePrint Certificate

Additionally, users can print certificates.


Change Log


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