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Getting Started with Canvas as an Instructor

Community Team
Community Team
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If you are new to teaching in Canvas, this page will provide you with some essential resources so you can create an account, familiarize yourself with Canvas, create a new course, and add content to that course.


For a visual representation of how to get started with Canvas as an instructor, view the Getting Started with Canvas as an Instructor Flowchart PDF.


To watch a short video series on setting up a new Canvas course, view Set up your Canvas course in 30 minutes or less.

Canvas Guides

The Canvas Instructor Guide has over 600 lessons that each answer a question that relates to using the Canvas interface as an instructor. Included below is a selection of lessons that will introduce you to the basics of Canvas usage. Each lesson also includes Next and Previous links so you can easily navigate to related content.

Account Setup

Before you can do anything in Canvas, you'll need an account and the URL for your institution's Canvas website. View the lessons below for help with setting up your account, logging in, and managing your user settings.


Canvas Basics

Once your account is set up, take a minute to familiarize yourself with the Canvas user interface. The lessons below will show you how to navigate Canvas and use a few of the tools that link across all your courses.

Course Setup

Canvas provides several tools that allow you to create a course and add content for your students. View the lessons below for information on setting up your Canvas course.

Course Basics

Each course includes various features where you can share course content, hold discussions, assign coursework, grade student submissions, and much more. View the lessons below for some of the basics of Canvas courses.

Canvas Teacher App

Canvas also has a free mobile app available for iOS and Android that is specifically tailored to instructors. View information about the Teacher app below.

Additional Resources

Community Member

I don't know how it was decided that it would take you 2.5 hours to complete this. Its more like 8 hours. The information is great however the time investment exceeds what I had originally planned for. 

Community Team
Community Team

 @givenste ,

I'm sorry the material has taken you longer to get through than you anticipated. It sounds like you're taking a training course about Canvas provided by your institution, so you can bring up the estimated time issues with whoever put that course together. If you ever have any questions about Canvas, please let us know!


- Nathan

Community Member

Hi Nathan

Yes, I probably will. Sorry just lots of work to do this summer.



I had to leave my computer and I can't get back to the area that I was working.


Can anyone tell me how I deal with the validation of links issue that is now showing up?  I uploaded files and 3 days ago all was good. Now, one of my students tells me she cannot access or open anything that I uploaded.  I have been to Settings and Validated, but I cannot find anywhere that tells me how to "fix" the "invalid or unreachable links" message.

Please help - my class is starting in just a few days.......





I need help. When I’m in canvas there are no students enrolled when there should be 300. I teach music so I see every student in the school. We also use powerteacher but I don’t know how to connect canvas with it. What do I do?


How to enter letter grades into Canvas?

It seems attendance score are automatically added to the final grade. What percentage  does attendance account for in the final grade?


Thank you.


I want to spend 99% of my time preparing content (reading articles I assign and 1% of my time on this kind of process.

Please give me a template that minimizes all of this technology. 

Take me back to 1979 when I taught at Providence College.

I gave my students a syllabus.

They could call me anytime or email me anytime night or day.

Simplify this and tailor all of this to someone who wants to spend almost no time on this.





I second the sentiments of Irr44. All these platforms, bridges, modules....have become a tail wagging the dog. I teach languages, but 95% of my preparation is learning, and dealing with the maze of these "wonderful tools." Every time I teach a class something goes wrong and either I or my student(s) are on the verge of walking out. 

It is a platitude to say that "learning never stops." There is no value in learning a tool which its creators make obsolete within less than a year, and make you learn a new one all over again.

Why am I starting to be sympathetic to the people with the tin-foil hats?