A brief trust FAQ

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This blog post will review the common questions I see when discussing trusts with different schools. A trust relationship allows one Canvas instance to trust another Canvas instance and allows users to be enrolled in both places. Instead of creating two separate accounts and merging them, a trust relationship allows separate Canvas instances to share user identities so a user can log in to one account and access courses from both accounts. For more information about trusts, check out this documentation: Trust Account User Roles and Expectations.



What is the advantage of setting up a trust account versus providing separate URL links or a discovery page?
The advantage is that a trust will allow the student to have a seamless experience accessing the course. When logging in to the course from the trusted instance will appear in their dashboard like usual. 


How does support work (tier 1) with trusts?
When students enter a course in a Canvas instance with Tier One, they will have access to the Tier One phone number, but the support case will be routed to their home Canvas instance support process. 

Can a trust be set up in a test instance?
Yes, a trust can be set up in a test or beta instance, but the trust will need to be done again when the monthly reset or daily reset if it is in beta.

How do we count the licenses?
The user license will be counted in the instance where the user is created at.

What theme will the course be using:

When a student enters a course in a trusted instance, the global navigation will be the theme of Canvas instance of the course.


How do we enroll users:

To enroll users, you can go to the People page of a course and click on “+People,” then enter the student’s information.

The next method is to use an enrollments.csv. In the enrollments.csv, there is a column for “root account.” You will enter the domain (xyz.instructure.com) of the student's origin. Here is a link to documentation on how to set up an enrollments.csv: How do I format CSV text files for uploading SIS data into a Canvas account?



Those are some of the common questions we receive about trusts. Do you see a use for a trust with your Canvas instance?

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