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Community Team
Community Team

If you would like to connect with students using Google Hangouts Meet as your conferencing tool, you have the ability to add a Hangout to your Canvas Course, Course Announcement, Module or via Calendar. The Google Meet will start when you join and will run until all users leave. You do not have to update the link to start a new session. When you’re ready for your next class to start, the same link will create a new Google Meet.

Please see Google Hangouts Meet  for more information. 

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This gives us an easier alternative to Zoom or BBB that most faculty should be able to set up.  Thank you for sharing!

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I've run into a snag in attempting to implement this.  The custom "room" naming convention ( only works within the domain.  Many universities (like ours) uses separate domains for faculty/staff vs students.  Because of this, students cannot join those Meet sessions.  Is there a solution for that?

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How can I add Hangouts/Google Meet in Canvas Free for Teacher?

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Step #3 in the PDF instructions... does NOT work like this on our instance;353524_Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 9.11.43 AM.png 

Can someone tell me why?  Or, if it works like this on your instance?

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You would have to use the full Hangouts Meet URL. As long as its a google account, they should be able to join. The only downside is that every time someone joins, you would have to accept their request to join the meeting. I hope this helps someone.