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Microsoft Teams Meetings allows customers with Microsoft accounts to create conference calls (meetings) using the Microsoft Teams integration with Canvas. This integration can be used in many areas that support the Canvas Rich Content Editor.


Teams Meetings settings can be customized by an institution's Microsoft Edu account administrator. For the Microsoft Teams sync to work properly, there must be a user with the Teacher, TA, and/or Designer role in Canvas matching an Owner in Teams.


This Canvas app integrates the Microsoft Teams Meeting App for Learning Management Systems. It leverages LTI 1.3 and deep linking for the editor button placement. No Canvas API or other LTI service scopes are enabled for this application. The privacy level for launches is set to public.


Note: The Microsoft Teams Meetings LTI is not currently supported in the Canvas test environment. For testing purposes, the Canvas beta environment is recommended. 



Microsoft Teams Meetings for Canvas is set up as an inherited developer key. Inherited developer keys are added to all Canvas accounts by default. To use the developer key, you must first turn it on from the Developer Keys page and copy the client ID. Learn more about managing developer keys.


Once the developer key is turned on, you will use the client ID to configure the external tool for your account.


Turn On Key


View Developer Key


To view the Microsoft Team Meetings developer key, click the Developer Keys link in Account Navigation [1]. Then click the Inherited tab [2].


You can determine if you want to turn on the tool for students of not. The Microsoft Teams Meetings for Canvas (Hidden from Students) key [3] will not enable the tool for students. The Microsoft Teams Meetings for Canvas key [4] will enable the tool for students.


To turn the key on, click the On button [5].


Note: If you have previously enabled Microsoft Teams Meetings for Canvas and want to hide the tool from students, you will first need to delete the app from your app configurations before installing Microsoft Teams Meetings for Canvas (Hidden from Students).


Copy Client ID

Copy ID


Copy the client ID that displays in the Details column. You will use this later to configure the external tool.



View App Configurations


View App Configurations


The Microsoft Teams Meetings app is configured from your account's app configurations. To view your app configurations, click the Settings link in Account Navigation [1], click the Apps tab [2], and click the View App Configurations button [3].


Add New App


Add App


Click the Add App button.


Enter ID


Enter ID


In the Configuration Type drop-down menu, select the By Client ID option [1]. Then enter the client ID copied from the Developer Keys page in the Client ID field [2]. To add the app, click the Submit button [3].


Install App


Install App


Click the Install button.


View App




View the app [1]. To manage the app, click the Settings icon [2]. Settings options may include viewing app placements, viewing the Deployment ID, and deleting the app.





View Microsoft Teams Meetings


View Teams Icon


When the Microsoft Teams Meetings for Canvas key is turned on for an account, the Microsoft Teams Meetings LTI will be enabled in the Rich Content Editor in several areas within Canvas. Supported feature areas include Assignments, Discussions, Pages, Classic Quizzes, and the Calendar. Students may also be able to use this tool in the Rich Content Editor within a group. 


To open Microsoft Teams Meetings, click the Microsoft Teams Meetings icon.



  • The Microsoft Teams Meetings LTI can be viewed in the New or Classic Rich Content Editor.
  • The Microsoft Teams Meetings LTI will only display for events created in course calendars. Personal calendars are not supported.
  • The Microsoft Teams Meetings LTI will not display in the Rich Content Editor for New Quizzes.


Sign In to Microsoft


Sign In _ Create Link


When Microsoft Teams Meetings is opened from the Rich Content Editor, the user will need to sign in to their Microsoft account by clicking the Sign in button [1]. They can then create a conference link by clicking the Create meeting link button [2].


Note: You may need to periodically log in to Microsoft if you are adding multiple links to Canvas.


Create Meeting




Enter a name for the meeting in the Name field [1]. If desired, select a meeting start date and time [2] and end date and time [3]. The date and time fields are not required and can be different from the information displayed in Canvas.


Higher-tier accounts can also enter a phone number that participants can use to dial into the meeting.


To create the meeting link, click the Create button [4].


View Confirmation


View Confirmation

View the confirmation that your meeting was created [1].


To join the meeting, click the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link [2]. To manage meeting options, click the Meeting options link [3].


To add a meeting link to the Rich Content Editor, click the Copy button [4].


View Meeting Options


View Meeting Options


View the options for your meeting. To determine who can bypass the meeting lobby, select an option from the Who can bypass the lobby? drop-down menu [1]. This option can be set to Everyone, People in my organization, and People in my organization and trusted organizations.


To determine who can present, select an option from the Who can present? drop-down menu [2]. This option can be set to Everyone, People in my organization, Specific people, and Only me.


To save your options, click the Save button [3].


View Link




The Microsoft Teams Meetings conference link will display in the area where it was added to Canvas.


When students click the link, they will have the option to join as a guest or as a student, depending on the school settings. School settings can allow guest users to come in unauthenticated.




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