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Best Student Information System for a Small Higher Education Institution

I'm the instructional technologist at a small university. We're using Canvas as our LMS and it's been great, faculty adapt quickly to it, it works (!) and students learn to navigate all the tools pretty quickly.

We're using Populi as our Student Information System -  which we are basically using to store grades, create grade reports, create transcripts and perform some admissions activities. Integrating Populi and Canvas has not been the easiest process, though we've had some success. One issues we've had is that for integration to work the course name, term and students first need to be created in Populi, which then creates the course shell in Canvas. So, for courses that have already been created in Canvas there's a problem.

In addition to this we're also paying quite a bit per student per month for Populi. When we're essentially only using the platform for storage, this seems a bit much.

Could someone here recommend a simpler and less expensive system or approach? Basically, we need grade storage, transcripts, grade reports and some admissions functions. Because of the size of the University we will never have more than 160 students. 

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