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Catalog entries for specific sections


If I have a course X with several sections running simultaneously like section A and section B, Can I create two Catalog entries like "Course X Section A" and "Course X Section B" that will enroll students in one or another section?


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Yes, if the course as multiple sections in Canvas, you can specify in the Catalog listing which specific section students will be enrolled in when they enroll through the listing.  We're new to Catalog, but that is the way to set up "cohorts" within Catalog and Canvas--create a new section within the course and a new Catalog listing for each "cohort".

Thank you for your reply. But it appears that after I create first Catalog entry "Course X Section A" I can not create second one. Neither through the UI nor API.

Am I missing something? Maybe there is something has to be enabled for the organization?

Any Ideas? Thanks!