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Changing Course Participation setting programatically


Is it possible to change the participation setting within Course Settings from Term to Course via either the API or SIS import? I've looked through the documentation but been unable to find anything.

Also, I've tried uploading a sis import to update a course's end date but it has not worked. Any ideas?

course_id short_name long_name status end_date
500068_A19_T3A 500068_A19_T3A: FdSc Work Based Project  FdSc Work Based Project (500068_A19_T3A) active 2021-09-01T00:00:00+01:00
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Community Participant

In the API it's under Update a Course.  If you set the value course[restrict_enrollments_to_course_dates] to True, that sets the participation setting to Course, and if it's False, that sets it to Term.  That's new with the change to how those work, and not yet really explained in the API documentation, but I did test it and it functioned that way after the change.