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Cheating Deterrent/Proctoring + New Quizzes

We currently use Honorlock as our University solution for identity verification and proctoring. As we have had some questions about data we've been provided and integration with New Quizzes is an issue we are exploring other options. We are curious what products other colleges/universities are using and your reviews of them - bonus points if it is already New Quizzes compatible! 

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@ellingtonsp  Boy this topic has become so controversial.  Currently Respondus is the only one that is compatible with New Quizzes.  I have heard (as of yesterday) that this is even with mixed results.  We tested Respondus and ran into LOTS of issues with students getting installed on their computers to the point they refused to put it on their devices.  I have read good reviews of it as well so that does not seem to be an issue for everyone (I have also read horror stories of it too).  We elected to go with Proctorio which is not yet compatible with New Quizzes but is just a Chrome extension that students install.  It works pretty well but does require students to have Chrome installed and be on a device that supports Chrome (not iPads even though you can put Chrome on them). 

We have given somewhere around 50,000 exams through it and most of time it is a pretty easy lift.  There will generally be at least one student that needs to re-install the plug-in as for whatever reason their computer does not detect it but other than that the issues have been minimal.  I can discuss further if you have interest.

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