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Hi all,

I'm a n00b to Admin in Canvas (Pilot started last week). Can anybody tell me if you can create an end user agreement (mainly for code of conduct with students) that they have to agree to before starting any course? Thanks.

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Instructure Alumni

Also Welcometo the community @rbaker1 !! We are so glad you found us this early in your journey with Canvas. Please let us know if there's anything you need. We've probably been there before Smiley Happy

You've already found the Canvas Admins group, but there are also great groups like Instructional Designers‌, K-12‌, and some sister Australian schools here in the community. Since you're in the pilot phase, you might want to check out Canvas Engagement Strategies and all the wonderful events taking place in CanvasLIVE like the Canvas FastTrack Series.

As an admin, you'll definitely want to keep the Canvas Guides‌ handy. The video guides are a big hit at my college. Don't stop there though, keep asking those questions and encourage your faculty and students to get involved and do the same. They can ask a question in the Find Answers‌ space.

For a glimpse into the future and see what other people are discussing as far as new features you can visit the Canvas Studio‌. If you want to actually travel to the future, check out InstructureCon 2017. That's the annual conference. Even if you can't make it in person there will be all sorts of activities, information, and opportunities to participate here in the community.

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