Extensions and Apps for Chrome/Domain ?

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   We are starting to set up Canvas for our District and would like to know if there is a list of establish Extensions and Apps I should be installing on our google domain. We are a mixed environment with PC, Macs, Ipads, ChromeBooks and ChromeBox. 

Questions I have, but please add if I missed something.

1.) List of Apps and Extensions.

   1a.) Should I be looking at Android Applications? If so I will need to invoke this on the Domain/OU.

   2a.) I will not be invoking IOS devices on the domain level or OU.

2.) Should they be installed under user(s) with:

  2a.)"Force-Installed App and Extension" ?

  2b.) "Allowed Apps and Extensions" Locally applied?

  2c.) "Pinned Apps and Extensions"

If there is someone out there that has set up a google domain with Canvas that has best practices could you give a Tech hand? Smiley Happy

It is my understanding that our District will be using Canvas from Elementary to Secondary.

Our most used devices are the chromebooks (around 5,000 and climbing)


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