Finding course enrollments not created by SIS

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Good Morning, 

Does any one know of a quick (relatively) way to find enrollments that were created outside of a SIS Import. I am aware I can access this by looking at /courses/:courseId/enrollments and seeing if SIS_IMPORT_ID is populated. I was hoping there was a faster way to get this information with out having to loop through thousands of courses and millions of enrollments. I looked in Canvas Data and I can't find any columns that would help me figure out if it was created via SIS Import or by a teacher. 

If anyone has any suggestions or advice, I'd appreciate it. 

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Community Coach


Go to the Reports tab in the Settings of an Account Admin area on Canvas.  From there you can run a provisioning report and select Enrollments.  The report that is generated will have a column that indicates if the enrollment was created by SIS or not.

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