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Google LTI won't report to Speedgrader suddenly

Our course term started on 8/24. One of our extremely fluent Canvas & Google users (she's been using the LTI integration for 2+ years) suddenly was unable to view any Google submissions in Speedgrader. I reached out to Canvas help on her behalf and was told there would be some off-cycle maintenance occurring to try to address the issue on 8/25. 

On 8/26 we checked (after the maintenance success notification) and the issue has not been resolved. I'm currently sitting in a chat session with a Canvas Help rep and I'm being told " Many LTI's don't push the submission into Speedgrader, it just sends the grade."

Has anyone else run into this?  We've worked hard for the past 2 years to integrate the Google environment across our Canvas instance and now I'm wondering if we've just created a huge mess for ourselves.

Does anyone have any insight?  I'm just so frustrated!

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Experiencing that issue today. Almost a month later from your post. Google assignment shows up in Speedgrader saying No Preview Available. Called Tech support and was told this function hasn't been enabled yet. He said teachers would have to grade in Google Grader (asked him what that was and how to get to it, he had no idea). If we can't grade it in Speed Grader what is the point of using Google Assignments. 

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Community Advocate

I cannot believe we are still dealing with this.  This is HUGE as we did not give students Office this year.  😣

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My turn. I thought the issue might be related to Assignment Enhancements that I turned on last week.

Now faculty member sees a link to download the file where the preview should be. Download wouldn't normally be an issue, but file comes down without a file-type extension (.docx, .pdf, etc) -- which is also the reason the previewer doesn't work. Anyway, an added step for faculty to rename the file -- if they even get that opportunity during download depending on their browser settings.

Chat with tech support now wants a step-by-step video replication of student actions. At least I can do that.

I'll return with an update.