Immersive Reader Reads Decorative Image Text

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Hey Ad-miners,

My understanding of alt text is that if the image is selected as "decorative", then screen readers don't "see" it. Just random checking a page in Student View, and lo and behold, Microsoft Immersive Reader is reading the alt text of a decorative image.

Decorative Image Selected

Screen Reader: Student View






Anyone else getting this or have a solution? Mind you, if it's one image on a page, no biggie, but if you have three or more, that's annoying.



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Community Coach

It looks like Unsplash automatically adds its own alt description, even if you don't set one when you add the image.

If you uncheck the box for Decorative image you can remove the alt description since it isn't required for decorative images.  Then, you can check the box for Decorative image again.

When you go to Immersive Reader, it will now show empty square brackets [].  Thus, there is no text that it reads for the image.

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